Complete Omics Announces that Dr. Ben Orsburn has joined the Company’s Board of Advisors

October 1, 2021 | BALTIMORE –  Complete Omics today announced that Benjamin Orsburn, PhD, has joined the Company’s Board of Advisors, effective Oct 1st, 2021. Dr. Orsburn joins the Complete Omics Board of Advisors with fruitful research and business experience in proteomics applications and his deep vision in latest developments of proteomics assays.

Dr. Ben Orsburn received his Ph.D. from Virginia Tech for using mass spectrometry to study the cell walls of bacterial pathogens. After extensive trainings in mass spectrometry and proteomics, he spent 8 years traveling the globe as a senior field applications scientist in proteomics for Thermo Fisher Scientific.

He is the founder of News in Proteomics Research, the highest frequently visited mass spectrometry and proteomics blog on the internet, dedicated to breaking down today’s most relevant advances in the field in the most approachable format possible. He is a contributing author of over 40 scientific articles and editorials, as well as three books on mass spectrometry. In 2018 he founded, a site dedicated to improving proteomics and mass spectrometry through the release of instrument methods curated by subject matter experts. For this work he was awarded a position on the Workflow Interest Network of the Association of Biomedical Research Facilities. His research has been featured in Science Daily, GenomeWeb and other media outlets. In March of 2020 his work on accelerating the development of COVID diagnostic assays received mainstream media attention.\

“I have known Ben for many years, and I have been always impressed by his persistant motivation of digging into the cutting-edge developments of proteomics technologies and translating to direct applications. We are extremely grateful to welcome Ben to our Board of Advisors,” said Qing Wang, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Complete Omics. “Ben’s expertises in proteomics, and particularly his proven capability of creating new visions and developing new applications in proteomics will greatly benefit Complete Omics for many of our in-coming new technology developments.”

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