Detecting and Absolutely Quantifying Patient-specific Neoantigens from Limited Input of Biopsy Sample — An Integrated Pipeline for Neoantigen-targeted Cancer Treatments

Feb 28, 2022 | BALTIMORE –  Complete Omics Inc, a multi-omics molecular diagnostics company, today announces the publication of a new peer reviewed paper in the academic journal CANCERS, presenting a new pipeline developed for validating and absolutely quantifying neoantigens from very limited amount of clinical samples.

As a leading expert in Neoantigen-based companion diagnostic field, Complete Omics has developed numerous pipelines in recent years to bring reproducible sample preparation and ultra-sensitive mass spectrometry approaches to direct patient care. In addition to the vast amount of clinical applications of this pipeline in personalized cancer therapeutics fields, this work also demonstrated how sensitive the company’s clinical proteomics assays can be, and shed light to early disease screening platforms that Complete Omics is focusing on.

This scientific publication outlines an integrated system, Valid-NEO, which is developed to directly analyze patient-specific neoantigens from minute amount of clinical samples obtained from regular biopsies. To date, this pipeline is the most sensitive pipeline, according to the literatures published worldwide to date, that can perform neoantigen analysis with a minute amount of sample. In addition, Valid-NEO is developed with additional focus on robustness and reproducibility, therefore can help enable Neoantigen analysis throughout the medical centers in the world [Ref 1].

“We are very fortunate to work with a group of excellent scientists on this project, and all of them have contributed dramatically into the birth of Valid-NEO. Three years ago, our colleagues and collaborators had been through a series of failures in pursuing their AI prediction-based neoantigens as cancer therapeutic targets. After that we began to focus more on the very basic innovations to the wet lab protocol itself. We believe that if we can push the technologies to their limits, we may not even need error-prone predictions, simply because we can just see the sequences there or not, rather than “guessing” it with a probability to fail. When you plan to perform neoantigen-based treatments to cancer patients, you can not tell them that the chance that you have this target is 60 to 70%, and we have to treat you for the next two months to figure out if this treatment is right for you or now. That will not work. This unmet need drives us to develop the platform.” explains Dr. Qing Wang, Founder of Complete Omics Inc, “We are thrilled that only within several weeks after our submission, CANCERS agreed to publish our work, and because of the top favorite comments from the reviewers, we were waived of the publication fees. These are great encouragements from the journal and the experts in the field, and we truely appreciate it.

Complete Omics Inc. is specialized in developing multi-omics molecular diagnostics tests for a variety of human diseases and developing companion diagnostic solutions for patients and pharmaceutical companies. Other than our own research, we are also working with over a hundred institutional collaborators on a variety of different projects using our world-leading multi-omics platforms. A lot more milestones are on the way in the coming months. Stay Tuned!

  1. Publication: Valid-NEO: A Multi-Omics Platform for Neoantigen Detection and Quantification from Limited Clinical Samples
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