This is a very popular service for molecular biologists who are curious about the binding parteners of their proteins of interest. When you are studying the function of a gene product (such as a protein) or its cellular location, you will always need to answer the question of what other proteins this protein binds to, what signaling pathways this gene is involved. The Complete Omics IP Profiling Service is designed to provide the most complete and accurate information about the full catalogue of proteins present in your co-immunoprecipitated protein complex containing your protein(s) of interest. Based on our list of your proteins’ essential partners, you may identify a promising novel signaling pathway or identify your protein of interest as a novel part of a well known signaling pathway. All of these findings which will be an critical part of your molecular biology project. We will provide you for free our patent-pending My-IPElu™ buffers and protocols to help you prepare your (co-)immunoprecipitation samples when you order the service with us. You will be asked to provide us your IP’d or Co-IP’d protein complex together with your control pretreated with our My-IPElu™ buffers. Your samples will be digested with Trypsin and peptides are analyzed by world’s most advanced Orbitrap LC-MS/MS. Fingerprints of your mysterious binding parteners are generated and matched to protein sequence database.

Data analysis, including data validation, visualization and quantification, are performed with commercial softwares and Complete Omics’ unique R packages and scripts. Report will be sent to you in Excel format as well as a summary in PDF format. We will also provide you any details you need for your papers’ MATERIALS AND METHODS section. We will make sure you understand your result and help you with your paper writing with free follow-up services.

Sample types we accept:

1, 2D gel spots, SDS-PAGE bands

2, Cell Lysates and Tissue Lysates

3, Biofluids, such as plasma*, serum*, saliva, tear, etc.

*We provide High Abundance Protein Depletion Service to significantly (100-500 folds) increase the depth of your biofluid proteomics analysis by removing top abundant proteins from your samples. Read more for details​.

4, FFPE slide/ FFPE extract

5, Customized sample types (please contact us to discuss)

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