Collaboration with Columbia University

Mar 30, 2022 | BALTIMORE –  Complete Omics’ Clinical Proteomics team announced a collaboration with Professor Kam W. Leong, Samuel Y. Sheng professor of Biomedical Engineering, and his team from Columbia University on a clinical proteomics project focusing on leveraging our Complete360 quantitative proteomics assays for clinical discoveries.

Dr. Kam W. Leong, Samuel Y. Sheng professor of Biomedical Engineering. Dr. Leong’s research focuses on the development of innovative biomaterials for two major therapeutic applications: drug delivery and regenerative medicine. He uses polymeric biomaterials to deliver chemotherapeutics, DNA-based therapeutics, and cells for cancer therapy, gene therapy, immunotherapy, and cell therapy. He also uses tissue engineering principles and stem cell engineering to construct human tissue-on-a-chip for disease modeling and high throughput drug screening.

The collaboration beween Complete Omics Inc and Dr. Heczey is focusing on quantitative proteomics, and very demanding body fluid proteomics assays which our unique patented Complete360 is designed to tackle.

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