Collaboration with Lisbon School of Medicine

Feb 26, 2022 | BALTIMORE –  Complete Omics’ Clinical Proteomics team announced a collaboration with Dr. Luis Marques da Costa and his team from Lisbon School of Medicine on a clinical proteomics project focusing on leveraging our Complete360 body fluid proteomics assays for clinical discoveries.

Dr. Costa is the Director of the Oncology Division at Hospital de Santa Maria and the Director of Clinical Research Center at CAML-Centro Académico de Medicina de Lisboa. Dr. Costa’s research focuses on the area of bone metastases. Dr. Costa’s group tested the clinical value of type I bone collagen fragments to monitor treatment response in patients with bone metastases. The results achieved were published and have been used as biochemical parameters of response in clinical trials testing new drugs to treat bone metastases. His Research Unit at Instituto de Medicina Molecular is now developing new projects to understand the relationship between estrogen dependence and cancer cell tropism to bone; and to determine the role of phospholipase C epsilon in Colon Cancer progression.

The collaboration beween Complete Omics Inc and Dr. Costa is focusing on very demanding body fluid proteomics assays which our unique patented Complete360 is designed to tackle.

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