Dr. Wang graduated from Johns Hopkins University with a PhD, supervised by Dr. Bert Vogelstein at the School of Medicine, and an MHS in Biostatistics, supervised by Dr. Rafael Irizarry at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Before coming to the US, he obtained his BS and MS in Molecular Biology from Nankai University and trained with Dr. Tianhui Zhu, the Founding Dean of Nankai University School of Medicine. Dr. Wang is also currently pursuing an Executive MBA from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and will obtain his degree in 2023.

During the past 15 years, Dr. Wang’s research has focused on clinical proteomics and clinical genomics. In 2007, Dr. Wang joined Dr. Bert Vogelstein’s lab at JHU as a PhD student and, at the time, the Vogelstein group had just finished the world’s first cancer genome sequencing. Dr. Wang initiated a program for clinical multi-omics analysis for human cancers after he joined. In 2010, Dr. Wang developed the world’s first mutant protein detection and quantification platform, “MT-SRM”, a pipeline capable of quantifying protein copy numbers in a single human cell with mass spectrometry after NGS targeted sequencing. Next, Dr. Wang developed the first scalable proteomics biomarker discovery and validation platform, “SAFE-SRM”, which launched the use of mass spectrometry-based proteomics into the clinical setting. He systematically evaluated and compared the benefits and problems of utilizing different omics technologies in cancer early detection. In 2019, he invented the pipeline “MANA-SRM” and “Valid-NEO” for direct detection and quantification of neoantigens from cells and minute quantities of human tumor tissue, which has paved the way for a new generation of personalized cancer therapeutics. Recently, he developed a comprehensive clinical proteomics molecular diagnostics platform, Complete360®, which enables multi-omics-based quantification of a large number of biomarkers in human body fluid samples. On a minor note, he also invented and patented “DEEPER-Seq”, the world’s only barcoded single-stranded library and dual RNA probe-based targeted sequencing platform for ultra-rare mutation calling with Next Generation Sequencing (NGS). Dr. Wang’s research has been featured in major media outlets, including Genomeweb, Newswire, ScienceDaily, and numerous major media from China as well as traditional high-impact peer-reviewed journals.

Through Complete Omics Inc., Dr. Wang is working to break the boundaries between different fields in medicine and the life sciences and to comprehensively leverage the features of omics technologies to achieve improved personalized disease management and precision medicine.