Complete Omics published novel technologies on SCIENCE and SCIENCE IMMUNOLOGY.

Complete Omics Inc. (official website) – For years, personalized cancer therapeutics has been an ultimate goal for all cancer patients and doctors. Healthcare providers and scientists working across the biopharmaceutical industry have been tirelessly committed to bringing to patients more and more, better and better, personalized cancer therapeutic approaches.

Complete Omics has been a pioneer in multi-omics molecular diagnostics since founded and we are humbled and excited to share with you two of the milestones in personalized cancer diagnostics and treatment through our multi-omics platform that we have published on Science Immunology and Science.

Despite the challenges, stress, and worry in the pandemic, our scientist teams have been focusing on our original goal — to create a healthier and happier world.

Please celebrate with us for the achievements we made in pushing forward the ultimate personalized cancer therapeutics, and we encourage you to follow us on our Linkedin page and Facebook page to learn more about our extraordinary works.

Reference Publications:

  1. Bispecific antibodies targeting mutant RAS neoantigens | Science Immunology (
  2. Targeting a neoantigen derived from a common TP53 mutation | Science (
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