Our clinical proteomics pipeline enabling personalized cancer therapeutics, reported by numerous media

Complete Omics’ Clinical Proteomics team is proud to share with you the recent media coverage of our efforts in paving the way for the ultimate personalized cancer therapeutics. Our efforts toward achieving this ultimate goal of cancer treatment were reported by GenomeWeb, The Scientist, Precision Oncology News, News Wise, Fierce Biotech, etc. One of our clinical proteomics pipelines can help identify personalized cancer neoantigens that can be further targeted by a variety of therapeutic approaches, such as mRNA cancer vaccine, therapeutic peptide injection, engineering cell therapy, and here two bispecific antibody approaches.

For two years, days and nights, our team has been burning their mid-night oil to optimize tirelessly our clinical proteomics pipeline and to make it the most sensitive and specific clinical proteomics pipeline that patients, doctors and scientists have been dreaming about. Here are some reports on its latest applications on providing the “laser guidance” to the cancer-killer bombs made by bispecific antibodies.


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