Christopher Adewole is working with Complete Omics as a Bioinformatician. He is an undergraduate student attending the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and double-majoring in Biochemical Engineering and Bioinformatics/Computational Biology. In addition to his part-time work with Complete Omics, Chris serves as a Peer Tutor for student-athletes, an Exam Proctor, and as a Residential Assistant on campus. Chris’ work at Complete Omics is centered around engineering automated protein data retrieval tools and methods. The goal of this research is to design a tool that will expedite data-collection towards proteomics research and to develop a template for the research and implementation of scoring heuristics to identify the most viable proteins for clinical trials based on peptide structure and uniqueness. Chris is excited to explore computer science applications towards clinical research and hopes to uncover new possibilities for chemical engineering approaches to bioinformatics and vice versa.